Quality, Affordable Housing

Open access to safe, quality and affordable housing is critical to our community’s success. As our city continues to grow, we want to ensure residents can afford to live in homes. Our plan will create 5,000 workforce and affordable housing units over the next three years.

Brightwalk mixed-income community

Total Number of Affordable Housing Units

Key Accomplishments/Milestones

  • The city reorganized a department to focus specifically on the creation of affordable housing and revitalizing and maintaining neighborhoods – Housing & Neighborhood Services Department.
  • On Sept. 25, the city announced it achieved close to 60 percent of city council’s goal to create 5,000 affordable housing units in three years. Between January 2016 and September 2017, approximately 3,000 affordable housing units were completed and/or committed.

House Charlotte

The House Charlotte program provides 5-, 10-, or 15-year, deferred, forgivable loans to qualified applicants. Funds can be used to cover downpayment, closing costs and interest rate buy down.

Key Accomplishments/Milestones

  • Since January 2016, city government has funded 343 down payment assistance loans. This year was the largest expansion of program offerings, which includes a special program for public service employees and greater support for buyers in high-cost areas.
  • The city continues to market its down payment assistance programs to lenders, realtors and homebuyers. This information is scheduled to be shared with city employees in an effort to increase homeownership among the city workforce.

Single-Family New Construction and Rehabilitation

Housing & Neighborhood Services also contributed to the new construction and rehabilitation of single family homes through focused efforts in specific neighborhoods.

Key Accomplishments/Milestones

  • In September 2016, the city piloted a Targeted Rehabilitation Program to revitalize single-family homes in targeted neighborhoods, including Camp Greene and Lincoln Heights.
  • Partners include Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill, Blue Ridge Community Action, Rebuilding Together and private contractors.
  • Work continues on the pilot for the Targeted Rehabilitation Program.  If successful, this strategy could be expanded into additional neighborhoods.

Multifamily New Construction and Rehabilitation

The city has increased its investment in renovations and new construction for multifamily developments.

Key Accomplishments/Milestones

  • Since 2016, this investment has resulted in the construction or financing of 1,213 units.
  • Five new projects were approved by city council on Sept. 25, 2017.  These developments will produce 769 affordable housing units.
  • City staff and community partners are exploring new funding possibilities for affordable housing development. Staff from Housing & Neighborhood Services, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning and Mecklenburg County are working on processes to streamline affordable housing permitting.

The city has realized additional affordable housing units through land transfers and voluntary restrictions provided by the development community.

Key Accomplishments/Milestones

  • To date, 363 units have been committed through this effort.
  • The city is completing its review of surplus properties and plans to offer these parcels to developers for future affordable housing development.
Additional Resources

House Charlotte: available through The Housing Partnership—Home down payment assistance for eligible homebuyers Contact Sally Dengler, Program Director of Homeownership Services

Housing Rehabilitation Assistance Program: Financial assistance for low-income residents in need of home repairs. Housing & Neighborhood Services

Coordinated Assessment: Assists homeless individuals and families in finding shelter and temporary housing

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