The City’s Commitment

Community Letter Report

Following the critical moments of last September, institutions and individuals renewed their commitments to Charlotte’s promise, with a focus on improving life conditions for everyone in our community.

City government pledged to address several programs and services through the penning of the Community Letter, and a year later will share some of what has been accomplished, while recognizing that work still remains to be done.

Read the report below.

Safety, Trust & Accountability

Our commitment to strengthening relationships and trust between our residents and law enforcement.

Quality, Affordable Housing

Our commitment to providing open access to safe, quality and affordable housing to Charlotte residents.

Good Paying Jobs

Our commitment to connecting workers to high demand occupations and assisting those with barriers to employment.

Community Engagement

Our commitment to providing opportunities for the community to engage and provide feedback on actions outlined in the Community Letter, as well as to offer ideas for future work and partnerships.

City Operations

Our commitment to removing barriers for economic opportunity by looking at existing city services, programs and policies.

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